What is #UARKHome Live?

University Housing offers a series of interactive digital tours called #UARKHome Live! on Facebook.

Tune in from the comfort of your digital device and ask questions of your live tour guide.

Hall Tours

Ready To Arrive Sessions

Broadcast Schedule

Monday, July 134 p.m.Student Leadership and Programming
Tuesday, July 144 p.m.Adohi Hall
Wednesday, July 154 p.m.Pomfret Hall
Thursday, July 164 p.m.Founders Hall
Friday, July 174 p.m.Futrall Hall
Monday, July 204 p.m.Hotz Honors Hall
Tuesday, July 214 p.m.Holcombe Hall
Wednesday, July 224 p.m.Yocum Hall
Thursday, July 234 p.m.Northwest Quad
Friday, July 244 p.m.Reid Hall
Monday, July 274 p.m.Maple Hills
Tuesday, July 284 p.m.Humphreys Hall
Thursday, July 304 p.m.Gibson Hall
Friday, July 314 p.m.Gregson Hall
Monday, Aug. 34 p.m.Walton Hall
Tuesday, Aug. 44 p.m.Duncan Avenue Apartments
Thursday, Aug. 610 a.m.Campus Dining
Thursday, Aug. 64 p.m.Housing Services
Friday, Aug. 74 p.m.Move-in 2020 Prep
Monday, Aug. 104 p.m.Transit and Parking