Resident Reserved Parking

Click  this icon Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.00.56 PM   on the map below.

The map identifies residence halls, parking lots, parking zones and parking decks.

University Housing updates this map to show the number of Resident Reserved parking permits available from  University Transit and Parking.

These numbers are updated as they are made available to University Housing from University Transit and Parking.

  • Zone 1 – 941 offers
  • Zone 2-  26 offers
  • Zone 3 –  352 offers
  • Zone 4 –  Waiting list complete
  • Zone 5 –  Waiting list complete
  • Zone 8 – 17 offers
  • Zone 17 – 31 offers
  • Zone 19 – 63 offers

Updated Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019


What is Resident Reserved parking?

Resident Reserved parking consists of parking spaces located near residence halls on campus that are set aside for residents.

Transit and Parking Services offers selected students the ability to purchase Resident Reserved spaces in July and August prior to the beginning of classes each fall.

How do I get a Resident Reserved parking permit?

You may request a Resident Reserved parking permit during the housing contracting process until the priority deadline in late June.

University Housing will send a list of students requesting to be placed on the wait list to Transit and Parking at the end of June .

You will be notified by your university email account if you are offered a Resident Reserved parking permit by Transit and Parking.

It is important that you regularly check your university email for potential Resident Reserved parking permit offers. Transit and Parking will offer a limited window for students to accept the offer for Resident Reserved parking.

The demand for residential parking is high. Signing up for the Resident Reserved parking permit waiting list does not guarantee you will be offered the opportunity to buy a permit.

How is the waiting list determined?

Resident Reserved permits are offered first by Transit and Parking to returning students and then, based on remaining availability, to new students.

For first year students, your date of contract and pre-payment to University Housing are two of the most important factors to determine where you are placed on the wait list.

What is the best way to know if I will get a Resident Reserved parking pass offer?

Students may log into the Housing Portal and click on the My Details page to see their number on the Resident Reserved parking wait list beginning in early July.

University Housing will update the information on this page as Transit and Parking sends updates to University Housing of their offers on the wait list

You can compare your wait list number to the zone (see map for buildings and zones) to get a sense of your potential availability for Resident Reserved parking.

What if I get a Garage Permit offer before a Resident Reserved parking offer?

Transit and Parking may offer a garage parking pass before you are offered a Resident Reserved parking pass.

You are encouraged to compare your Resident Reserved wait list number against the last available wait list number offered by Transit and Parking.

Knowing where you sit on the wait list is intended to help you decide if you should take the offer for a garage parking pass or wait to receive an offer for a Resident Reserved parking permit.

Students can sign-up on the Garage Permit wait list by visiting the Transit and Parking website.

When may I begin using Resident Reserve parking if I get and accept an offer?

Resident Reserve parking opens late afternoon on Monday, Aug.19 for permit holders.

All Resident Reserve lots will be unavailable for parking Aug. 14-19 for move-in activities.