Ready to Arrive

Pictured above: A father and son move items into the residence halls during Move-in. Knowing what University Housing provides, what to bring and what to leave at home are key to a stress-free and enjoyable arrival on campus. | Photo by University Housing

Items provided by University Housing

The following are provided for each student by University Housing. Please refer to your residence hall’s Web page in the   Campus Communities site  for specific information.     

  • Twin-sized bed: see below for mattress sizes by hall
  • Mattress
  • Study desk
  • Desk chair
  • Closet or bureau/wardrobe
  • Dresser

Provided one per room:


Things NOT to bring

Some items on this list are specifically prohibited by law and/or University policy. Please note that students found with these and/or other prohibited items in their room or apartment will at least be asked to remove the item and may be subject to student judiciary action. U-hauls are prohibited during the move-in process. Some items prohibited by law may be subject to immediate confiscation by University officials.


  • Air conditioners – including window and portable units.
  • Animals other than service animals or small, harmless fish. Aquariums can be no larger than 20 gallons.
  • Candles (lit or unlit), incense and open flame/open coil activated potpourri.
  • Cooking equipment with an open heating coil (toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, etc. — any appliance with a heating element you can touch and/or see glowing when on).
  • Electric blankets or bed warmers.
  • Fragile or irreplaceable items
  • Space heaters (of any type).
  • Lighting fixtures using any halogen light bulbs.
  • Multi-plug outlet adapters or power strips without an internal circuit breaker.
  • Nails or other fasteners for walls for more information.
  • Grills and/or smokers;
  • Electric steam grills
  • Upholstered furniture that is not fire retardant.
  • Wading pools, spas.
  • Waterbeds.
  • Water coolers.
  • Weapons (bladed, blunt, projectile, etc.), explosives and fireworks.
  • Other items prohibited by law and/or University policy.
Suggested items for your room
      • Alarm clock
      • Closet curtain and tension rod

        The following halls have open-face closets: Humphreys, Pomfret, Reid and Yocum. The closets are approximately 48″ wide and 96″ high.

      • First aid kit
      • Flashlight and batteries
      • Small tools – pliers, measuring tape, scissors, rubber mallet for lofts, etc.
      • Clothes hangers
      • Surge protector:
        • Extension cord
        • Extension cord cover
        • Cord organizer

        With all the electrical equipment that students tend to bring, it is a good idea to have at least one surge protector with an internal circuit breaker per roommate.

      • Desk lamp: no halogen bulbs
      • Photos, posters, other decorations: Bring a little bit of home with you.
      • Approved Fasteners: When putting up posters, please use removable adhesive strips (3M Command Strips) or white sticky tack(removable poster putty) on concrete cinder-block walls (primarily in Pomfret, Yocum, Humphreys, Futrall, Gibson, Gregson, Holcombe, and Reid Halls, plus cinder-block walls in Hotz).
        • Please use “MonkeyHooks” in Maple Hill, NW Quad, Founders, the Duncan Avenue Apartments and dry-walled rooms in Hotz. Using nails, screws, staples, etc., to attach items to walls or furnishings is prohibited on campus.
Order a microfridge, safe, campus mats, care package or linens



University Housing, Residents’ Interhall Congress (RIC) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) work with the following vendors to provide shopping options for you that benefit your student organizations on campus.

  • Roomify:  Customized room packages including linens – order before Aug. 1. Proceeds benefit RIC.  Use discount code ‘UARK’ when ordering.
  • Collegiate Concepts:  Rent micro-fridges, buy electronic safes and campus mats. Proceeds benefit RIC.
  • SWAKU:  Care packages! Proceeds benefit NRHH.

Getting ready to move on campus and need some decorating ideas? No need to go off campus to shop – the   University Bookstore  can help! Don’t forget to check out the  Walmart on Campus  in the Garland Center.

Mattress sizes by hall


  You’ll need:

  • Mattress pad
  • Sheets
  • Pillow(s) and pillow case(s)
  • Blanket(s), comforter

Regular twin sheets fit a 75” twin mattress and XL twin sheets fit an 80” mattress. A flat sheet is best for an 84” mattress.


Mattress Sizes by Hall

Residence Hall Mattress Size
Buchanan/Droke Door side: Regular twin: 36″ x 75″

Window side: Long twin: 36″ x 80″

Founders Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Futrall Door side: Regular twin: 36″ x 75″

Window side: Long twin: 36″ x 80″

Gibson Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Gladson-Ripley Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Gregson Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Holcombe Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Hotz Honors Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Humphreys Regular twin: 36″ x 75″
Maple Hill East Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Maple Hill South Regular twin: 36″ x 75″

Second-floor: Long twin: 36” x 80”

Maple Hill West Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Northwest Quad Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Pomfret – B and D Regular twin: 36″ x 75″
Pomfret – C Door side: Regular twin: 36″ x 75″
Window side: Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Reid Door side: Regular twin: 36″ x 75″
Window side: Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Rooms ending in -23 and -08 both long twins
Walton – North Long twin: 36” x 80”
Walton – South Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Yocum Door Side: Regular twin: 36″ x 75″
Window Side: Long twin: 36″ x 80″
Lofting your bed

You may want to loft your bed to provide more space below the mattress. You can make a FIX IT request on the Housing website to have your bed by University Housing staff. Rubber mallets are available at your hall’s front desks during move-in if you wish to loft your own bed. All beds in our facilities except for the built-in beds on the north end of Walton Hall are loftable. Beds in some halls are self-loftable. Others require a FIX IT request with University Housing    



Halls That Require a FIX IT request for Lofting

  • Buchanan/Droke
  • Futrall
  • Gibson
  • Gregson
  • Holcombe
  • Pomfret
  • Maple Hill South
  • Northwest Quad

Lofts are of wood construction. Most beds can be raised to 36″ without lofting and up to twice that once lofted. Submit a FIX IT request during July if you want your bed lofted by your arrival time. It’s important that you list the right room and bed in the form when you make this request. That information is available through the Housing portal where you completed the contract.

Bathroom and showers


  • Bathrobe
  • Shower sandals
  • Towels
  • Shower caddy
  • Toothbrush case
  • Soap case
  • Toilet paper – for Maple Hill Halls & the Northwest Quad
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies – for Maple Hill Halls & the Northwest Quad
Laundry supplies
  • Detergent
  • Dryer sheets
  • Laundry bag or basket
  • Drying rack
  • Optional: Iron (UL approved) and mini ironing board
    • Each hall is equipped with coin-free washers and dryers. Residents pay a one time laundry charge as part of their housing rate.

Kitchen items
  • Coffee maker – UL approved, including personal use Keurig® coffee makers
  • Microwave oven – no larger than 0.7 cubic feet
  • Refrigerator – Energy Star™ compliant units no larger than 3.2 cubic feet
  • Microwave safe plates and bowls
  • Silverware
Storage solutions
  • Electronic Safe: Students should consider using a safe to protect valuables such as laptops, jewelry, cash, credit cards, etc. If you do bring a safe, we recommend one that includes a tether so it can be looped through the bed frame or other large object, since you will not be able to bolt the safe in place.
  • Storage items: Stackable crates, drawers and boxes that will fit under the bed will help keep you organized and allow for efficient use of space.